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XML Format sample for SearchForPlaysComplex

Show me all plays where down was 1 or 3, and game date was between 9/1/2017 an 10/1/2017 and the Game Key was 57242.


<criteria op='Equal' key='Football.Down'>

<value val='1'/>

<value val='3'/>


<criteria op='Equal' key='Football.GSISGamekey' val='57242'/>

<criteria op='Equal' gamepropertykey='GameType.Regular Season'/>

<criteria op='Equal' gamepropertykey='ScoutedTeamCode' val='DEN'/>

<criteria op='Is_In_Between' key='Football.GameDate'>

<value val='2017-09-01'/>

<value val='2017-10-01'/>



XML Format sample for UpdatePlayFieldDataFromURL

Format for setting down to 2 where the GameKey is 57242, the PlayId is 52 and the ScoutedTeam is TEAM1

Authentication wrapper required in addition to normal authentication for the API.


<authentication token='AB0C346C-89DB-423A-AEDE-3011DD3D0B76' vendor='960C346C-89DB-423A-AEDE-3011DD3D0B77'/>


<ContentType value='GSIS Plays'>

<League value='NFL'>


<Play PlayId='52' Gamekey='57242' ScoutedTeam='TEAM1'>

<PlayFieldValue FieldKey='Football.Down' FieldValue='2'/>







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